Time to change strategy: word-of-mouth marketing wins over online ads

September 19, 2023

SoSha (previously Speechifai) is our master of digital communication and campaigning - helping organizations in various verticals to easily manage and stimulate organic social sharing from influencers, small-scale content creators, and everyday social media users.

Organic social sharing - also referred to as word-of-mouth marketing - is the new frontier of online communication, by far replacing digital advertising as most effective way to reach online audiences. The nature of online marketing has changed drastically over the past couple of years: amidst growing legislative scrutiny, data privacy concerns and genuine annoyance from consumers, engagement with digital ads is decreasing sharply while its cost keeps on the raise.

Read many more insights on word-of-mouth marketing & the future of advertising from Michel Roach (Speechifai's branding and communication strategist) in this article on Commpro

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