Privacy Policy

Freshmen Fund (“Freshmen”) collects personal data about you. Freshmen as the controller processes your personal data in compliance with the provisions under the Data Protection Act (“DPA”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), as amended from time to time (collectively “Regulation”).

With whom do we share your personal data?
In the context of the purposes mentioned above, we may store your personal data with third parties, such as parties that provides CRM services, email providers, such as Google, and file storage systems, such as Dropbox. The GDPR sets forth certain conditions for the transfer of personal data outside the EU. We will ensure that, where relevant, contractual safeguards are implemented to ensure the protection of your Personal Data when disclosing your Personal Data to a third party. For example, we will enter into data processing agreements with relevant parties (providing for restrictions on the use of your Personal Data and obligations with respect to the protection and security of your Personal Data). As a general rule, we do not share your Personal Data as set out above with other parties located in countries outside the European Union, which countries may offer a lower level of data protection. This may, however, be different in the event that there is a legitimate reason for providing data to parties located in such country. In such case, it shall be ensured that adequate measures are taken to ensure adequate protection of your Personal Data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Generally, we will enter into the standard contractual clauses with the recipient of your Personal Data.

How long do we keep your Personal Data?
Your Personal Data will be saved for the specified purposes mentioned above for as long as you are a business contact to us. Your personal data will be deleted when it is no longer reasonably required for the specified purposes mentioned above or you withdraw your consent (where applicable) and we are not legally required or otherwise permitted to continue storing such data. You can unsubscribe at any time, if you no longer wish to receive communications and invitations from Freshmen. If you choose to unsubscribe, we will cease to send you such communication and invitations as mentioned above. Freshmen has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to help protect your Personal Data against loss and to safeguard against access by unauthorized persons.

Your Rights
You have the right to know what Personal Data we process about you and may request a copy. You are also entitled to have incorrect Personal Data about you corrected and you may in some cases ask us to delete your Personal Data. You can also object to certain Personal Data about you being processed and request that processing of your Personal Data be limited. Please note that the limitation or deletion of your Personal Data may mean we will be unable to provide the communications and invitations described above. You also have the right to receive your Personal Data in a machine-readable format and have the data transferred to another party responsible for data processing. If you disagree with how we process your Personal Data, you are also entitled to report this to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and/or to other competent supervisory authorities in the European Union.

How to contact us
If you have any questions about how we process your Personal Data, please feel free to contact us at .

Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?
A “cookie” is a small text file that is sent from the server of Freshmen and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. This way we can remember your preferences when visiting our Website. The information stored through these cookies can only be read by Freshmen and only for the duration of your visit to the Website.

Why do we use cookies?
Our website primarily uses Cookies and similar technologies to enhance the surfing experience on our Website. All data Freshmen retrieves from their cookies is only used to distinguish your preferences from those of the other users of our Website. This allows us to offer you a better experience when you visit our Website and to optimize our Website in the meantime. As a result of recent amendments of the law, all websites focusing on certain parts of the European Union are obligated to ask for your permission in order to use or save cookies and similar technologies on your computer or mobile devices.

This policy clearly and completely informs you about the cookies we use and their purpose. Once a new cookie policy will be implemented, your consent regarding the use of the cookies will be requested again.

Kind of cookies
Cookies can be subdivided based on their offspring, function and durability.

Our Website only uses the following cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: As the name suggests these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to move around the Website or to provide certain features that you have requested.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies enhance the functionality of the Website by storing the Visitor’s preferences.
  • Tracking cookies: These cookies will outlast user sessions. If a persistent cookie has its max-age set to 1 year, then, within that year, the initial value set in that cookie will be sent back to the server every time you visit the server. This is used to record a vital piece of information such as how a Visitor initially came to this Website. For this reason, they are also called tracking cookies. For example, once you have selected your preferred language, our Website will record this preference in a persistent cookie set on your browser. When you revisit the Website, it will use that persistent cookie to ensure that the content is delivered in your preferred language.
  • Performance cookies: These cookies help to improve the performance of the Website, providing a better user experience. Freshmen uses Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help Freshmen to analyse how visitors use the Website. It registers the number of visitors and tells things about their behaviour overall – such as the typical length of a visit on the Website or the average number of pages a Visitor views.
  • Third party cookies: For cookies set by third parties (Google Analytics) we kindly refer you to the statements set forth by these parties on their respective websites. Beware, we do not have any influence on the content of these statements nor on the content of the cookies of these third parties: Google analytics.