Our Dream Date

Our Dream Date

Our perfect match? Consumer business, ambitious, proof of concept, distinctive and scalable.

We get particularly excited when your brand is truly laser-focused, when you develop AI tech that helps B2C companies flourish or when you provide unique ideas to the cycling ecosystem.

Distinctive Brand

Your business and concept has to be somehow unique. If you can think of several lookalike competitors, think twice, as the game becomes drastically tougher (and let's face it: less impactful). We like to look at entrepreneurs of whom we think: «if this team does not pull this off, it will take quite some time for this issue to be solved». Some of the hot topics we particularly look at are mobility, e-gaming, sustainable and/or inclusive brands, aging societies.
Which 21st century challenge are you taking on?

Actual Traction

We are looking for businesses not (just) ideas. We do not do prototype or idea phases, we like to already see some proof of concept: this can be a mix of sales, press attention or high (but genuine) digital followership. We also look at bigger businesses with already a structure and a business plan set for fast growth.
Where are you in your journey?


Your business must appeal to a global audience. We believe in teams that preserve their authenticity & roots while addressing their target segments across-the-board. We are not very interested in ventures that only fit their home market. For businesses with a strong offline component and more physical constraints, scalability means to take it at least nationally.
So, where do we go next?


You need to aim at being the queen or king in your segment. This includes pursuing bold growth figures and set out clever business plans to achieve them. We believe that great ideas do not hang around very long by themselves: if you do not execute fast, somebody else will grab the cookies. Regardless of where they are in their journey, we invest in entrepreneurs that we feel are ahead of the game and that have the ambition to stay on top.
Can you roar? 

Business with a B2C Angle

This one is simple: we only touch stuff where we as Freshmen have a competitive edge. We pick teams that fit with one another reinforcing our B2C ecosystem. This being said, we are interested in the broad spectrum of B2C, ranging from B2C brands or services, as well as software and AI enabling B2C companies to deploy and flourish. If you are shaping the future of people's lives directly or indirectly, and you are able to deliver a story that real people follow, we might just like each other

So, are we a match?

We are not banks. Beyond money we offer skills, network and experience. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, we've been there before.

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