Løci tagged as most compelling sneakers around by Reviewed

September 19, 2023

Should you buy Løci? The answer is simply YES.

Reviewed published an entire feature of our fav vegan sneaker offering detailed insights on what make Løci an absolute winner in next gen footwear. 

Celebs from all corners of the globe are wearing Løci, here some quick Whys:

  • Løci are sustainable: the upper part of the shoe is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles, the soles are made of recycled bamboo, and the remainder is made from ethically sourced cotton and rubber
  • Løci are comfy: the insoles are made from cork, just like the Birkenstock, offering shock absorption, temperature regulation, and weight distribution
  • Løci are breathable: the kicks are lined with breathable bamboo mesh that is odor-resistant and mitigate moisture buildup, for never sweaty feet
  • Løci are water proof: water resistant & breathable aren’t two features that easily go hand-in-hand. Well, they just made friends

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