A 3D Gait Lab in your hands

Runeasi developed a wearable sensor for professional and recreational runners. The device helps to prevent and treat injuries, turning running into a carefree-exercise.

Despite increasing popularity of running among all age and experience groups, runners often get hurt due to wrong training regimes and lack of monitoring.

With a simple and comfy belt, Runeasi measures the impact of running on the entire body and provides real time AI insights. It summarizes the analysis into an intuitive user-friendly running score, providing personalized training advices to improve it.

The technology is peer reviewed and validated by a range of early adopters including physiotherapists, sport doctors and running gurus. Runeasi is a spin-off of KU Leuven, it is a business grounded in science with all founders holding PhDs respectively in sports biomechanics and sports data science. Runeasi is voted in the worlds ‘Top 2 Most Promising Performance Analytics Companies in Sports Tech Innovations’, and nominated in worlds ‘6 Best Technologies for Injury Prevention and Recovery.

Freshmen invested at the launch of the business alongside University of Leuven (KUL) and its venture fund, and has supported follow-on rounds since.

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