2-wheel drive technlogy

Ellio pioneers groundbreaking speed pedelecs with its own patented technology. Thanks to its extra safe, fast and easy-to-use bike, Ellio pushes the switch from cars to e-bikes in an urbanizing and congested world. Primarily targeting suburban areas with greater commuting distances, Ellio's customers are fond of the extra range and the reliable service team that goes all the way to their doorstep for maintenance. Founded in 2018 by two automotive engineers, Ellio distinguishes itself through the exceptional technical prowess of its team, who fully develops the technology of the bike at the Leuven headquarters. The core element of Ellio's proprietary technology allows it to be the only 2-wheek driven e-bike on the market.

Freshmen invested in the late stage of the company and partially exited its participation in the Series A round.

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