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HNST is a global frontrunner in circular jeans, challenging the status quo in the apparel industry and creating quality and timeless collections designed according to the principles of circular economy. It simply makes the most planet friendly jeans out there. While the fashion industry is wasting time greenwashing, HNST is moving the needle. The company has pioneered a production process resulted in a jean that showcases the highest share of recycled denim in the industry. Next to that the proprietary process ensures that HNST beats all existing competitors on eliminating chemical usage, reducing water spillage and CO2 footprint.

Designed with a timeless aesthetic and a sophisticated yet contemporary shape, HNST jeans are made to withstand the test of time, ensuring exceptional durability and recyclability. For this, HNST receives worldwide recognition with articles in Forbes Magazine, Elle and many others. By now HNST has established partnerships with companies like Tomorrowland & Ginger, and with tier 1 international distributors retail points like American Rags.

Freshmen invested in HNST in the angel stage of the business and later participated in follow-on rounds.  In the process Freshmen supported the company in on-boarding an angel syndicate in the cap table and bringing fashion experience to the board room with a.o. Anne Chapelle (former Ann Demeulemeester CEO).

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