Whom we fell in love with.

Freshmen is building an ecosystem of ambitious teams active in consumer products and services. All of them are trying to contribute to customer’s lives and wellbeing. Check out below the darling companies we fell in love with.  As in any love story we are trying to bring the best out of each other. 


Ellio builds groundbreaking speed pedelecs based on its own patented technology. With its extra safe and easy to use speed pedelecs Ellio is convincing more

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LØCI takes vegan sneakers a step further: it crafts footwear made from a premium, durable material made out of recycled ocean plastic. These sneakers don’t

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Runeasi turns running into a carefree-exercise, helping amatorial and professional runners to prevent and treat injuries. Athletes of all ages and body shapes love running,

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Ahooga is a young urban bike company, producing “red dot awarded” light weight e-folding bikes and more sturdy “all-purpose” modular cargo bikes for shopping and

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Cake is the first app to make bank accounts profitable again. It offers automatic cashbacks to users based on their purchases. At the same time

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3D Aim Trainer

3D Aim trainer is a browser-based platform that allows e-sporters to train their aim in whatever their favorite game is. E-sports is by far the

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Sentinel is a bike IOT company, the monitor and bodyguard of bikes. It makes hardware and software to track and unlock bikes via apps or

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Classified Cycling

Classified is definetely one of the leading (e-)bike technologies companies that are pushing Belgian’s cycling heritage into its next stage. The company develops and produce

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Go Fluo

Go Fluo is born from the simple intuition that fluo vests have always been ugly. Antwerp designer and founder Julie Vets was puzzled that people

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SpeechifAI is a platform that helps large groups to compose quality social media posts around a common theme. Via its dashboard it enables campaign coordinators

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Caroline Bosmans

Caroline Bosmans is a fashion designer for children. Caroline is a designer, psychologist and mom of four, who started her designs out of frustration with

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HNST is a global frontrunner in circular jeans. While the fashion industry is investing its time in greenwashing, HNST is really doing something about it.

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Erstwhile is a Belgian streetwear brand for sports loving men. The clothes are classy with its own exclusive tailoring & signature. It is packed with

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Fox Factor

Fox Factor is a Belgian jeans brand for curvy ladies. Despite its significance plus-size remains largely ignored by the fashion industry. Fashionable clothing for women

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Würst is a Belgian concept around Haute Dogs. It was started in 2016 by TV chef Jeroen Meus. End 2018 it was acquired by Freshmen

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Wanna join the team?

We are always looking for talented people. Whether it is at Würst, Fox Factor or one of our other portfolio companies, there is always room for talent. Are you smart, ambitious and a people person? Then we might be your match!

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