Netherlands-based SpeechifAI is a platform that helps large numbers of people to easily compose quality social media posts around a common theme. A dashboard enables campaign coordinators to provide guidance to community members and coordinate what they post across a range of campaign types eg. political, branding or event. An AI-powered writing assistant composes individualized posts that incorporate the campaign’s instructions and the user’s personal writing style.

Founded by Tudor Mihailescu, the CEO & Co-Founder of SpeechifAI is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur specialized in civic technology with a Ph.D. in how American presidents write their speeches and over 8 years of experience in digital communication and social media.

His co-founder and CTO, Valentin Kassarnig is the first person in the world who trained a robot to write political speeches based on previous debates. He’s also a Doctoral Researcher in Applied AI and renowned social data scientist with 7 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


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