HNST is a global frontrunner in circular jeans. While the fashion industry is investing its time in greenwashing, HNST is really doing something about it. As a global first, HNST has set up a cradle-to-cradle production process that starts with the collection of old jeans and ends with brand new trousers made from recycled denim. The entire jeans is also designed in such a way that it can easily get a 2nd and 3rd life later on. For example, the buttons can be unscrewed to recycle cotton easily. Furthermore, the jeans look fantastic and fit like a glove. You can really look in the mirror wearing them.

For this, HNST receives worldwide recognition with articles in Forbes Magazine, Elle and many others. Her founder, Antwerp engineer Tom Duhoux, is a sought-after speaker at circular fashion conferences. Today the team is complemented with CEO Lander and bio-engineer Margot.  HNST has established partnerships providing circular products to companies like Tomorrowland & Ginger.

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