At Freshmen, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing transport trends, and identified an opportunity to leverage smart design and new service models for the exploding urban bike market. We felt there is especially a gap for generation Y and Z, who hop more on a bike for utility than for sports. 
Enter Ahooga, a young urban bike company. Ahooga currently provides “red dot awarded”lightweighted e-folding bikes and more sturdy “all-purpose” modular cargo bikes for shopping and kid’s transport. 
One of Ahooga’s unique assets is their ability to fully cater to the urban nomad. They combine a great store experience with an empathetic online channel for sales and service. The bikes, compact and very light, get top reviews and the service level is very high – no small feat for such product. As brand buiders, we love the brand identity and it’s authenticity. 
When we first met the team, we were impressed by their design skills, by their EU supply chain but also by their purpose and leadership style. A team that really has as purpose to improve living conditions in cities and the required hard capabilities to make it happen



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