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3D Aim Trainer Programmer

We’re changing the world of First Person Shooters (FPS) – we’re bringing e-gaming and e-training to another level. We aspire to build the best online training platform for FPS players globally and we hope you can help us with that.

Take a shot!
It’s all about game development… at 3D Aim Trainer you’ll do some scripting (C#), and work on game physics, textures, materials, animation, lighting and UI in Unity.

In short: we want you to create games!

We’ve come a long way and we’re growing faster than we could have imagined when we started off about a year ago. So now we need to take this next step and get some incredible skills on board. Skills that will leave our visitors in awe and our competition far behind.

We want you to be our nr. 1 developer. Together with the current team, you will plan and implement game functionalities. You are all about the code – bugs disappear as soon as you show up. C# is your weapon of choice, agile the way you move, Blender a domain you like to explore.

Above all, you’re good fun. You just love gaming, you like a joke, good food and you are open to adapt to our corporate dress code (hoodie, jeans, sneakers)

Go ahead and surf to but don’t read any further… come back in a couple of minutes when you’re finished exploring the website.

Welcome back…

Did you like it? Already had 10 ideas you would like to try to make it more performant or better looking? Or did you just come up with an awesome training mode? Then you’re the one we are looking for!

Why us?
Do you want to be the guy or girl who created the arrow in Lara’s bow in the next Tomb Raider, or do you want to create an entire game that is shown to a global audience of millions (yes millions!) of gamers?

If you’re not sure yet if you should invest your time and skills in 3D Aim Trainer, then go and have look at It’s an investment funds backed-up by the best Belgian entrepreneurs, and they all seemed to think it was a good idea to invest in 3D Aim Trainer…

Wanna play?
Send your cv to or pm us on www.facebook/3daimtrainer

We’ll get back to you soon!

Join the team!

Job: 3D Aim Trainer Programmer

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